It's just not happening is it!? This is because the link you just clicked wasn't actually a normal text hyperlink to an email address; it is an image file which looks like text and links to this page. To send an email you need to read the email address in the image and type it in manually.

The problem is that if clear text email addresses are included on websites, then unpleasant email harvesting 'bots' will pick them out to be used by unscrupulous spammers.


Tips for web designers to help avoid email spam

  1. Never list an email address on web pages.
  2. Use forms for feedback which submit via cgi scripts. They protect email by not revealing it in the page source code.
  3. Use an image to display the email address, as on the previous page. Do not make a mailto: HREF link tag to the image. While it is feasible that a plain background image can be read by a specialized OCR (optical character recognition) web crawler, this would require a lot of work and customisation for every image type and style, and hence is highly unlikely.
  4. Use an alternate email address. If you really can't live without displaying your email, complete with ampersand (@) and 'mailto:' links, create a throwaway account with a free provider like gmail or hotmail, which have some degree of spam and virus control.

  5. Say no to Spay no to spam, it's shit.. - it's a pain in the arse.

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